I’m Nell Gray Rasmussen. I was born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina. It was here where my passion for creativity and design first began. Design has always been a common thread throughout my life and led me to pursue a double major in Fashion Merchandising and Graphic Design Studies at Texas Christian University.

It was an incredible 3.75 years. If you are wondering where I spent the last .25 of my college career, it was in quarantine along with the rest of the world! It’s during times like this when you realize a lot about yourself. Although the world was seemingly shut down, I used this time to hone my skills and prepare myself for a career in this field. I see design as a way to unite all of us. 

Coming up with new ideas and visualizing the next big thing brings me excitement, and the final deliverable is the best reward. My outgoing and enthusiastic personality enables me to communicate with the client to share their message effectively. I have a talent for design and an enthusiasm for forging relationships with others. Ultimately, I love designing and working with people, and I am excited to pursue these passions.
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